• Free link,
  • Email signature with your free link
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  • Personalized domain ( , or map your own
  • Capture leads and book meetings with your Google account
  • Email signature with your domain
  • Customizable Spotlight Button
  • Capture leads and book meetings with your Google account
  • Image gallery or video embed
  • Remove branding
  • Customer support
Frequently Asked Questions
  • Which plan is best for me?

    Looking to have a personalized domain like with a professional page to send people? You’ll want the Pro plan. It allows you to add a custom domain or map a domain you already own to your page. Want to be able to capture leads, schedule appointments, or the ability to add photos or videos to your page? Pro is the plan for you. Not ready to make your business or personal brand official? Start out with the free page. You’ll get a simple page and free link, like That link will always be yours and you can upgrade later when you’re ready.

  • What domains are available to me?

    A .me domain, such as, is included with the purchase of a Pro plan. Other domains such as .com, .net, .technology, .cooking, .design, .photography, and more are available starting at $10 per year. You can also map a domain you already own to your page, replacing an existing website or finally making use of that domain you’ve had for years.

  • I already bought a domain. Can I map it to my page?

    Yes. With the Pro plan, you can map your domain, bought from a registrar like GoDaddy or, to your page. Mapping a domain to your page means that your domain will point to your page instead of a different website, if you had one previously.

  • What is lead capture?

    Get new clients or build your email list by capturing email addresses. As a Pro user, you can use the lead capture Spotlight button that is integrated with the Google account of your choice. Choose from “Get notified” “Join my email list,” or “Sign up for my newsletter” as your Spotlight button and a Google spreadsheet will be created. Once someone enters their name and email address, it will be added to your spreadsheet so you can easily access your audiences’ email addresses at any time.

  • What is appointment scheduling?

    As a Pro user, you can let people book meetings with you right from your page with the appointment scheduling Spotlight button that is integrated with your Google Calendar. Choose from “Book time with me,” “Schedule an appointment,” or “Let’s meet” as your Spotlight button and then set your weekly availability. Upon clicking your Spotlight button, page visitors will be able to select a time that works for them. Both you and the page visitor will receive Google Calendar invitations.

  • What is an email signature?

    An email signature is a snapshot of your page that is added to every email message you send so people can learn more about you. Your email signature can showcase your photo and will always include and link to your page via your free link or custom domain, such as

  • Can I add more photos or a video to my page?

    With the purchase of Pro, you can create a five-image gallery on your page. They’ll appear below your name and headline and upon clicking, overlay onto your page. You can upload images of your work, snapshots of your product offerings, or just more photos of you. Get creative! You can also embed a video on your page to appear below your name and headline. When you showcase a video, visitors can get a better sense of who you are and what you do. Do you have a reel or a video that explains more about your work? Add it to your page!

  • What is a customizable Spotlight Button?

    Your Spotlight button gives you the power to have visitors take action on what’s most important to you. As a Pro user, you can customize your Spotlight button text and functionality. You can choose from “Ask me about…,” which allows visitors to message you from your page, or “Sign up for my…” which allows you to enter a link for the visitor to follow. Examples include “Ask me about social media” and “Sign up for my webinar.”

  • What does “remove branding” mean?

    It’s all about you. When you upgrade to Pro and use your new personalized domain, your page won’t show any ads or the logo.

  • What is customer support?

    Pro users get direct email support from a dedicated member of our team. Need help with your page? Have a question? You’ll get the support you need to make your page the best it can be.

  • Can I cancel my plan?

    You can cancel your plan subscription in the Billing tab at any time. If you would like to request a refund, please see this article for more details about eligibility.

  • Why choose over another service? is built specifically for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and side hustlers. With your personalized domain, a custom email signature, and our integrations, you can easily and quickly grow your audience or attract new clients. makes it easy to manage your business by providing all of the necessary tools in one place. It’s simple, professional, and quick to set up.